Hezbollah; the defender of Israel

Hezbollah; the defender of Israel
When Lebanese ex-Prime Minister Rafic al-Hariri was assassinated in 2005, Hezbollah senior leaders suggested many incredible scenarios that made Israel the main suspect. Maps and videos displayed publicly by Nasrallah can be recalled, though the then shown facts and details contradict with the main track of events surrounding the crime.

Nasrallah wanted to exonerate Hezbollah and Assad regime from being behind the assassination. He wanted simply to divert people’s attention somewhere else in an attempt to end the debate about the lorry which came from the Southern Neighborhood of Beirut- Hezbollah’s stronghold- according to the international investigator Detlev Mehlis.

However, when it came to Hezbollah’s senior leaders, Nasrallah is trying to exonerate Israel. In his last speech, Nasrallah insists on the idea that Mustafa Badreddine was killed by what he called “Takfiri groups” making Israel out of the whole story. 

During the days that followed the assassination of Rafic al-Hariri, Hezbollah leaders and media used to ask: “Who benefits from this crime? “But in terms of Badreddine’s killing, the party is asking a different question which is: “Who is the enemy?” 

Of course, Hezbollah militias are fighting against the Syrian people and its opposition. Nasrallah is fighting the legitimate rights of the Syrian people; however, it is surprising that Hezbollah is exonerating Israel while few years before he insisted on accusing Israel of being behind the crime. 

Thank God, the logic of the militias has been refuted and uncovered particularly the plays of Abu Addis and other media fabrications.

Days and years passed after that awful crime and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon issued an indictment that made it clear that Hezbollah and Assad regime officials are responsible for that crime among other crimes. 

The leaders of Hezbollah now are passing through the same circumstances and drinking from the same poisonous glass that others had previously drunk. What is more dangerous than Israel is the militias that exonerate it or hold it responsible according to changeable circumstances and interests.

Turkey al-Dakheel in Okaz

Translated by Orient Net English  

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