Hezbollah; what a slap!

Hezbollah; what a slap!
Hezbollah accused the Syrian opposition of killing its senior military leader in Lebanon and Syria Mustafa Badreddine through targeting one of the party’s centers in Damascus by artillery shells, but can such a claim be honored?

Sources confirmed to Reuters that “No shells or missiles were launched from Ghouta during the last week!”

So, was Mustafa Badreddine killed by Hezbollah itself? It is hard to believe either scenarios. The killing of Badreddine is a painful blow to the party and it is clear that his assassination was done through a sophisticated operation that has taken place near a sensitive place where Israel has previously targeted many other leaders. 

Notably, Badreddine was neither Abu Musab al-Zarqawi nor Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He was more dangerous than both, because he is one of the founders of terrorism in our region and he is one of the main developers of terrorist attacks before Al-Qaeda’s emergence. He was the practical leader of Hezbollah even with the presence of Imad Mughniyah.

According to one informed source who is also a Hezbollah’s specialist, Badreddine was responsible for Nasrallah’s security. He is number one assassination expert and is in charge of protecting Assad’s security circumference. 

The same source added that the situation before Badreddine’s killing is different from that one after the killing warning that Hezbollah’s deputy or even General Leader Nasrallah can be on the next hit list. 

However, Hezbollah didn’t officially accuse Israel though some of the party’s media outlets pointed their fingers at it. Some observers believe that Hezbollah didn’t accuse Israel officially because this forces the party to retaliate in order to calm down its populace incubator. But since the party realizes that it is not the appropriate time to do such a thing, it excluded Israel. 

Who can be behind killing Mustafa Badreddine? Can it be the Assad regime? It is hard to believe that because it is a massive hit that neither Hezbollah nor its advocates would be able to endure. 

The assassination of Badreddine was actually a disciplinary slap on Hezbollah’s face which has no options other than absorbing it and their only choice it to keep it zipped.            

Tariq al-Hameed in Asharq Al-Awast

Translated by Orient Net English

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