Iran messing up in Syria

Iran messing up in Syria
The information about the number of Iranian causalities in Aleppo is still contradictory. However, the Iranian loss looks heavy. The confused statements which speak sometimes about numbers of Al-Quds Brigade who were killed in a “proxy war lunched against Iran” and other statements that say they were killed “while defending the shrines of Ahl-al-Bay in Syria,” according to Hussein Ali Rizaai, the PR official in “Karbala Brigade” prove this fact.

The Iranian losses are likely expected but the future Iranian losses in Syria and the whole region will be greater. The evidence is what is happening in Iraq where enmity to Iran has no longer become a secret. These feelings have spread among nationalist Shia and Sunni Iraqis alike. They constitute a reasonable part of the Iraqi society and their role is significant despite the continuous attempts to downplay it.

What happened to Iranians in Aleppo is not strange. It reveals the future relations between Syrians and Iran which have become stained with blood and lives of innocent people killed at the hands of the Iranians.

As long as the Iranian regime is leading a hostile policy and run by domination maniacs, it is worth asking: “Where is the international community?” “Where is the UN Secretary General?” who has been only expressing his worries about Iran’s policy in Syria? “Where is the US?” “Where are the European attitudes?”

Why has everybody kept his mouth shut towards what Iran is doing in Syria? The story doesn’t need any more evidence. 

The international silence towards Iran’s destructive futility is a real indication of the absence of any serious attitude by the international community towards fighting terrorism and preventing its causes. 

Tareq al-Hameed in Asharq Al-Awast 

Translated by Orient Net English

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