Iran’s media scandal revealed

Iran’s media scandal revealed
Visitors to the Iranian capital, Tehran, would see huge banners and posters hanging from official buildings hailing the city of Al-Quds and cursing Israel.

Near the Grand Bazaar, there are smaller banners of Khamenei’s photos stretching his hand towards the map of Palestine, pledging to “liberate” it from the "Zionist octopus". 

Posters with “Death to Israel”, maps of Palestine and images of Al-Quds are almost in every corner of the major squares and streets in Tehran.

Other posters showing patriotic photos of the “Army of Al-Quds”, which is made of Shia militias virtually to conquer Tel Aviv on the Day of Al-Quds -- first suggested as an occasion by Iran -- occupying considerable places in the busy capital known for its crowded bazaars, religious police, rules of public chastity and wild secret nightlife.

Public animosity towards Israel and the secret coordination with it are two parallel but completely contradictory sequences run at the same time in the country that was named once by former US president George W. Bush as a part of the Axis of Evil.

This is Iran’s policy towards the West. It is from the inside different from the one outside. It is not hypocrisy, according to Iranian officials and diplomats. It is a manifestation of Persian geniality.  

However, while Tehran’s residents chase their everyday life with little attention to the changes of posters or their contents, another approach to Palestine and the struggle with Israel is differently shaped in another space.

Away from the fabricated curses and made up “enmity” shown above the table, the Israeli-Iranian honeymoon has been going on under the table for some time while some Arabs still believe that Iran or its puppets in Damascus and Lebanon are really “resisting” Israel. 

In this respect a recent report by the famous website of Satellite Age -- specialized in monitoring the movements of satellites around the world and the channels they air -- revealed that six Iranian religious TV channels that address the Arab audience are aired from Israel! 

The report added that the six channels are being aired through the Israeli Satellite Amos via “R. R. Sat” which is an Israeli telecommunication company that was established by the Israeli businessman David Reef in 1981. The report added that the company is being run now by Ramut Gilead, a former General in Israel’s Air Defense. 

Going into more details -- in which Iranian devils live and prosper -- the fishy relation between Israel and Iran has long been established in history. For example, we all remember the political scandal known as “Iran Gate” during the first Gulf War when reports showed that senior US administration officials secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, which was supposed to be under an arms embargo. In the deal, American weapons poured from the US and were delivered to Iran through Israel.

More recently Iran managed to pump more funds into its lying machine making use of the new flows of funds that were frozen by US and Western sanctions. The new billions have surely watered the big mouth of the Russian bear which has now excellent relations with Israel. The trio is working as one team on the Syrian ground. 

Assad is pretending to play the role of the cheated husband who is the last to know about this affair while in fact he is among the major actors who engineered it.

Russia cunningly knows when and how to reveal Iran’s dirty affair with Israel since it was Russia Today which first revealed the report about Iranian TV channels broadcasting from Israel. Later, Russia Today deleted the whole report. 

Once you enter Tehran’s Airport, you see a big poster showing Israel’s Star of David being destroyed by an Iranian firm grip named the “Army of Al-Quds”. However, thousands of kilometers away in Tel Aviv’s Iranian quarter, you will see posters showing Iranian flag overlapping with Israel’s flag with its blue Star of David and a sentence written below in three languages, English, Hebrew and Persian, reading: "Israelis love Iranians". 

It always tend to believe the signs that speak about “love” more than “destruction” especially when Iran and Israel are involved in the affair. 

By: Jamal Mamo  

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