Obama’s doctrine and the suffering of Syrians

Obama’s doctrine and the suffering of Syrians
The horrific scenes in Aleppo brought back the Syrian tragedy to the front and activated the diplomatic contacts aiming at extending the ceasefire agreement to include Aleppo.

However, the statements emerging after those meetings particularly Kerry-Lavrov’s meeting that was followed by other meetings with de Mistura don’t propose any hopes about an imminent end of the Syrians’ suffering. 

The problem of Syria tragedy is that it took place during the term of a US president who made withdrawing American forces from conflict areas and not sending any troops in fighting missions on the top of his foreign strategy and political doctrine.

The Syrian crisis broke out while Obama was mainly focused on reaching an agreement with Iran. Therefore, the American policy towards the Syrian crisis looked sometimes reluctant and sometimes negative, but in general it was totally against any direct intervention that may require sending land troops. 

Kerry upon his meeting with Lavrov talked about establishing a safe zone to protect civilians; the White House, however, rushed to respond by saying that President Obama refuses such a choice since it includes sending land troops to protect those zones. 

The American-Russian military coordination center which Kerry and Lavrov have spoken about as a means to control the ceasefire agreement won’t be a solution particularly with the differences in targets and strategies between Washington and Moscow and due to the many military brigades fighting in Syria and the absence of a complete agreement about terrorists organizations. 

However, talking about the ceasefire agreement makes the US look as if it were doing something towards the Syrian crisis and the horrible suffering of civilians in Aleppo and other areas while in fact America is withdrawing from the crises of the region.  

Othman Mirghani in Asharq Al-Awast 

Translated by Orient Net English

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