L’express: Assad’s deeds against Syrians make him one of the worst dictators

Orient Net - Abdulkader Al-Azrak
2016-04-22 21:26 Damascuss
Under the heading The Revenge of Bashar Assad, the French weekly magazine L’express published a lengthy report about the recent developments in Syria, with a photo of Bashar Assad in uniform. 

The magazine said that although the physical complexion of Bashar Assad does not reflect dictatorial inclination, but his deeds against the Syrians categorize him among the worst dictators.

The Iranians and Russians worked on growing the ego of Assad bigger and bigger to the extent that he started to reflect suicidal thinking and now he believes that he will be able to restore his hegemony over all Syria, the article said.

The magazine said that Assad believes that the moment of revenge from his enemies is approaching, but he is naive enough to forget that during the past five years he has been saved three times by the Iranians and Russians. 

The Russians are whispering in Bashar’s ear that it is them who made him a "king" and that recently the dispute between the Russians and Iranians concerning the fate of Bashar has become obvious, the article stressed, adding that Russia is not fighting for the survival of Bashar in as much as for reviving the lost glory of the former USSR and that When Russia finds a figure who can serve its strategic interests in the Middle East, Bashar will be ousted.

This scenario is not acceptable by the Iranians who aspire to enhance Bashar’s power with the help of Hezbollah as the Iranian real objective is to have the upper hand in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, the magazine noted.

As for Geneva talks, L’express viewed them as a shadow play and a dialogue of the deaf supervised by Staffan de Mistura that needs a miracle to become fruitful and that these talks will definitely fail as what happened to the second round of Geneva, because the two conflicting parties did not reach an agreement on the fate of the Alawite dictator: Bashar Assad. 

The magazine emphasized that what is happening on the ground in Syria makes UNSCR 2254 an unrealistic dream of a surrealist poet and that the attempt of the United Nations to impose "transitional governing body" before breaking the control of Assad tribe over Syria is like putting the cart before the horse.

L’express said that Bashar Assad is using the tactic of the weak to blackmail his strong discordant allies, utilizing the contradiction of goals between Iran and Russia. In this regard, Bashar is imitating the tactic adopted by his father, Hafez, who used to accept everything the Russians offer him except "advice".



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