A school in a jungle!

Orient Net - Special 2016-02-11 11:35:00

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Physically, they live in Europe; but in reality they live in the heart of darkness. 

Who are they? They are a group of Syrian refugees along with other different nationalities whose quest for a better life in the Promised Land, England, threw them in a jungle close to the French northern city of Calais. 

They live in a huge camp which lacks the minimum criteria of life. The city of "Calais" itself has become the "Forbidden City" for them due to the rallies organized by French anti-refugee extremists from time to time.

But their greatness is manifested in a persistent resolute to quell desperation. Despite their miserable living conditions, the refugees keep on attempting to combat the natural process of transforming their human characteristic into an animal one due to the isolation life of the jungle. They created a school with the help of thousands of the charitable inhabitants of Calais.

A mother expressed her legitimate anxiety about the future of her kid saying: "My kid was about to acquire the language of the wild animals of the jungle we live in. Without this school, he would have become a dumb."

The creation of this school and a library will hopefully help the 350 children currently living in the camp. The French official participation was absent in the opening of the school despite the supposed official obligation to educate every child present in France.

Indeed, they are extra-ordinary people whose survival impetus exploded their creativity. They realized that education is the best means to save their kids and offspring from oblivion.