The West London friends and Syria

The West London friends and Syria
One of the peculiarities of the war in Syria is attracting adventurers from all over the world under the pretext of “jihad”. However, the strangest story is that of the famous British music band the “Beatles” that appeared in the sixties and whose songs are still listened to.

The band members are a model for a movement of western adventurers who recently converted to Islam and understood it incorrectly or found some ideologies that satisfy their desires to kill and slaughter.

It is likely that if they did not go to Syria, they would become criminals on the streets or thieves who do not hesitate to use weapons. There are many of these types of people in major western capitals and is one of the diseases of civilization and major industrial societies.

To be fair, this is one side of the war. There is another dark side that fights with the regime ferociously. This consists of soldiers of Hezbollah that cannot hide its involvement in the increasing number of casualties, extremist Shiite militias in Iraq and Hazaras fighters from Afghanistan.

A few years ago no one in the societies in which conflicts are currently blazing talked about Sunni or Shiite and sectarian differences, or at least in public. The forces that use the conflict for their own regional interests such as Iran will be burnt by the same fire sooner or later like all the forces that thought they could manipulate religion for political purposes.

The west London friends are the amusing side of this conflict despite the brutality and barbaric methods they use. They are individuals who have a desire to dance around the fire and found in Syria the object of their long cherished wish. In doing so, they have insulted the religion that they converted to.

Ali Ibrahim in Asharq Al-Awsat

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