Turkey improving medical services for refugees

Turkey improving medical services for refugees
The Turkish Ministry of Health has been working on an initiative that will allow Syrian refugees to benefit from more effective health services.

Family health centers will be set up for Syrian citizens that will be staffed with Syrian doctors who better understand the language of the patients being served.

For almost five years Syrians have been taking refuge in Turkey from the Assad regime’s war on Syrias that continues to devastate their homeland. With no end to the conflict in sight the Turkish government has launched an initiative to enable more efficient use of the Syrian health services. 

Following the issuance of work permits for Syrians, a program is being initiated that will put a smile on the faces of the Ministry of Health’s Syrian patients.

The initiative will be implemented first at the provincial health centers where there is the highest concentration of refugee families. Syrian doctors and nurses will be allowed to work in these centers. 

The Ministry’s goal is to be able to provide Syrian patients with a better understanding of their medical conditions and their treatment options through improved communication with doctors and nurses that are able to communicate with patients and provide explanations in their own language. 

Family health centers will be available first in the southern provinces of Turkey that are currently providing health services to 2.5 million Syrian citizens in Gaziantep Hatay, and Kilis, and will also be established in Sanliurfa. 

Then family health centers will be opened in Istanbul with additional centers scheduled to be established in the big cities such as Ankara. Syrians have already benefited from much health care in Turkey.

According to Ministry of Health data, Syrian refugees were provided with outpatient treatment at Turkish hospitals more than 10 million times to date. In addition 420,000 Syrians were hospitalized and treated as inpatients and 70,000 Syrian babies were born.

The Ministry of Health is also working on a program that will help to qualify Syrian physicians and nurses holding medical degrees for future employment at other hospitals in Turkey. It is currently in the process of trying to identify and locate Syrian doctors and nurses in order to register those who want to be included in the system.

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