HRW: Shiite militias committed ‘war crimes’ against Iraqi Sunnis

Orient Net - Rudaw Media Network | 2016-02-02 11:51 Damascuss

HRW: Shiite militias committed ‘war crimes’ against Iraqi Sunnis
Shiite militias supported by the Iraqi government have committed "possible war crimes" in Diyala province in recent weeks, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in its latest report.

HRW said that Shiite militiamen proceeded to abduct and kill scores of Sunni residents in the town, many of them civilians, while also destroying their mosques, stores and homes, Rudaw Media Network reported.

"Countries that support Iraqi security forces and the Popular Mobilization Forces should insist that Baghdad bring an end to this deadly abuse," he added, referring to the Shiite militias that have been fighting alongside the Iraqi army.

The two dominant Shiite militia groups in Muqdadiya are the Iranian-backed Badr Organization militia and the so-called League of Righteous militia. By HRW’s account, at least a dozen people were killed in these recent attacks in the volatile province.