Advanced Russian war jets use ancient bombs in Syria

Advanced Russian war jets use ancient bombs in Syria
Since the beginning of Russian campaign in Syria, many Russian and Arabic media sites in addition to news channels have spoken about the sophisticated Russian jets deployed in Syria, as well as the high accuracy of the guided bombs dropped from them and their ability to hit the targets with zero error.

Social media is drowned with pictures and videos published by Russian and Assadist media, showing the Russian bombers loaded with their (guided bombs), but they also have shown the same bombers loaded with a lot of "dumb bombs" .

In addition to the videos of bombers and the bombs loaded on them, there are other videos published by the Russian ministry of defense, showing the impact of the air raids and the destruction of "terrorists' bases"

Most of these videos were taken by UAV's that observes the air raids and films the area during the strikes .

Some of these videos show the reality of the Russian air campaign in Syria, and the terrifying results of the "dumb" Russian bombs .

KAB-500 and KAB-250 are GPS and laser guided bombs, and despite being much talked about, these bombs were rarely used in the field, and they were specially dropped from su-34 bomber (which is considered the most advanced Russian jet bomber ).

And despite the propaganda and videos that glorify the Russian guided bombs and their effective results, several videos have shown shocking facts about some of these bombs, such as falling far away from their targets .

As in one video that shows the effect of three guided bombs, in which two fell far away from the (huge building) that supposed to be the target, and one of them even hit the highway.

Soviet bombs:

It's no secret that since the soviet era and during all their wars in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Georgia, Russians haven't used their guided bombs much. In fact they used their guided ammunition in a low rate compared to the non-guided areal ammunition, that includes bombs and missiles, a fact that also applies to the Syrian's case.

The Russian method of using the "dumb bombs" is simple, they use a group of bombs to hit the targeted area and achieve the desired result since these bombs have poor accuracy especially when they are dropped from a high altitude .

Hence, Russian military ideology does not depend much on "high precision weapons", but on rocket launchers and artillery to achieve the firepower.

Therefore, it is very common to see very sophisticated Russian jet bombers lunching bombs or missiles designed during 1950s or 1960s of the past century.

Russia uses a few types of "soviet" bombs in Syria, most of them are non-guided and free-fall dumb bombs , which mostly belong to cold war era .

Basically, Russia uses FAB-250 /OFAB-250 / FAB-500 bombs in Syria specially the early models, and what affects their aiming accuracy, is the high flying altitude the Russian airplanes have to maintain to avoid the anti-aircraft weapons owned by FSA, thus the accuracy of those bombs are notably associated with the altitude, wind, speed and aiming errors .

In one of the early videos that were published, an air raid that took place using 8 "dumb bombs" on a (target ) which seems to be a house located in a rural area .

"8" bombs were dropped, but only one could barely hit the (target) ,While the other seven bombs fell within a radius of 100 meter away from the targeted house. Fortunately it was a rural area and the bombs hit an open field.

However, another video showed the Russian dumb bombs hit this time civilians area causing massive blasts in a place that can't be considered a " military base".

On the other hand, many pictures and videos published by activists and journalists to show the impact of the Russian air strikes on civilians areas, clearly manifest that most of the bombs hit everything but the ( target).

In comparison with the "Arab Coalition" campaign in Yemen, Russian "dumb bombs" have caused a lot of destruction and casualties among civilians during its first month, because Russia is adopting bombs designed a few years after the end of WWII, specially the FAB-500/56 while the coalition is using (high precision bombs).

Russian Ministry of Defense published a limited number of videos about its air raids , some of them showed the truth about the accuracy of the Russian bombs, but most  the air strikes' records were not completely published, and never will, since it will expose the reality of the dumb Soviet bombs used in Syria

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