Syria: Between Destruction and Resurrection, The Last Chapter Syrians!

Syria: Between Destruction and Resurrection, The Last Chapter Syrians!

On that cold day in early 2016 as I was leaving Brussels to London by train. The English Immigration officer asked me to wait after taking my Belgian passport and was gone for about 15 minutes, he came back and stamped the passport apologizing for the delay. So I asked him if I could know the reason for the delay and why he did a second check? He replied with artificial politeness. I felt a charge.. cursing.. humiliation.. one of the most difficult accusations and abuse that I had to keep silent about. I left burdened from the horror of this new accusation that will accompany me to this day: (Syrian)! My former citizenship is an international accusation today, gentlemen!?

Five years ago, while we were traveling from a European country, I heard my 11-year-old daughter asking her sisters not to speak the Syrian “language” while crossing the airport checkpoints so that security would not bother us, and that they all speak French or English! Oh my God, they hold even our children a guilt complex that has nothing to do with them, they are trying to make them suffer an inferiority complex!

On that day, I thought that if I am suffering from my previous nationality, what about the millions of the unknown young people who have just started their lives?! What is happening to the families that are intentionally displaced by starvation and thirst, and not only by the loss of security? Many peoples survive under the strikes of bombs and missiles, but they do not withstand under the policy of starvation and thirst, so they consider the humiliation of beggary and dignity loss in other countries is easier than death, so how fierce is death in the conscience of the living people!


 Oh my God, they hold even our children a guilt complex that has nothing to do with them, they are trying to make them suffer an inferiority complex!


Syrian geography is historically unstable!? But it has never witnessed in its history an international consensus to completely erase it as a state and people from the record of countries and peoples, as has been the case in the last hundred years!?

Certainly Turkey, under the 1921 Ankara Agreement and the Treaty of Lausanne with the French, and then after about 18 years with the process of annexing the Iskenderun Brigade in 1939, occupied the equivalent of the current area of ​​Syria, which includes: Mersin, Tarsus, Kilkiye, Adana, Maraş, Gaziantep, Kilis, Al-Bireh, Urfa, Diyarbakir and Mardin, and the border line granted Turkey half of the areas of Nusaybin, Jarablus and Ras al-Ain. The current internationally recognized Syrian map.

Far from the scourge of ideology, Syria was geographically known as the areas extending from the borders of the Taurus Mountains in the north to the borders of the Suez Canal, including the Sinai Peninsula, the western Mediterranean and the eastern Deir ez-Zor and the deserts of the Levant, with an area estimated at 540 thousand square kilometers, that is, exactly the same as the area of ​​France(?)Adana regions in the north to the Negev desert in the south belong to Syria as indicated in French-British correspondences during the Sykes-Picot Agreement.

A country does not exist until a country perishes

The English and the French divided Syria in the modern era under the Sykes-Picot deal: the southern part (Palestine, eastern Jordan and southeastern Syria with Iraq) to Britain, (Northern Syria, including the present-day Turkish occupied areas, to the borders of Iraq eastward with western Syria to the dividing line with the borders of Israel before 1967), for France. With the entry of Mandatory France under the leadership of General Gouraud, whose behavior confirmed that he carried a Crusader mentality, he trampled on the terms of the Mandate Agreement, and considered entering the Syrian territory with his armies an extension of the Crusades! He began his rule by dividing the area of ​​the French mandate into six states: the state of Damascus, the state of Aleppo, the state of the Alawites, the state of the Druze, and the state of Lebanon, which changed its geography once again after they carved out the districts of Hasbaya, Rashaya and the Bekaa Valley from the “state of Damascus” and annexed them to Lebanon so its name became “the state of Greater Lebanon” the current Lebanon. And the sixth state is the independent state of Iskenderun, whose annexation was later facilitated for Turkey! The northern seventh region was ceded by France to Turkey, as we mentioned in 1921, which is the Syrian regions currently under Turkey’s control!

In 1967, according to a secret deal, Defense Minister Hafez al-Assad, who had seized Syria with a group of minority soldiers in 1963, facilitated the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights, about 2,000 km, so that the area of ​​the Syrian map became 183.4 thousand square km, although the United Nations and most countries have not recognized Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights! Thus, modern Syria has lost about twice its area and people. Nevertheless, it was able, until 1958, to be an active country in the global output scale, ranked 38th, before the minority military seized power, after which it gradually turned into a failed state to be at the last rank in the global output scale in health, security, education and welfare...!

Syria has lost about twice its area and people. Nevertheless, it was able, until 1958, to be an active country in the global output scale, ranked 38th, before the minority military seized power, after which it gradually turned into a failed state

Some blame the Sykes-Picot deal for the problem of modern Syria’s geography, but I think that Syria’s misfortune lies in the Balfour Declaration in 1917, which prepared for the establishment of a state for the Jews, a “national country,” which took place a year later than the Sykes-Picot deal, but the political system has its secrets! Since then, the process of transforming Syria into a country that is being drained to death began to remove it from the map of countries. “A state does not exist until a state is erased,” just as an empire does not exist until states are exhausted and nations may be annihilated!!

Many of naive military coups, proved by documents that all of them were supported by either Britain, France, America, or a partnership between them. It became clear that these coups ultimate goal was Alawite government led by a person like Hafez al-Assad with a brutal sectarian rule of Syria until it ends by destroying its institutions and eliminating its social structure. The sectarian Alawi rule, especially after the Alawites became aggravated by claiming their authoritarian superiority, was enough to make other sects search for themselves and thus the growth of their sectarian feeling at the expense of the national feeling, which the Syrian cultural elites have worked on in general almost since the second half of the nineteenth century in response to the Turkification policy that ” Turkish Union and Progress” and some Turkish elites at the end of the Ottoman era adopted, some of Greater Syria notables paid their lives for it (the martyrs of the criminal Jamal Pasha, on the gallows of Damascus and Beirut). To complement the national consensus and to stop some sectarian calls, especially from Christian parties and personalities, who were fueled by the news of the French willingness to enter Damascus, it actually had its abolitionist sectarian voice during the Syrian National Conference, which was held in Damascus a few days before the French entered (!?) The Syrians unanimously agreed on the necessity of sectarian diversity in the resistance against the French policy in Syrian. In the late thirties of the last century, the national consensus had matured when the new Syrian politicians set out to develop a national plan to accommodate all sects in a comprehensive national unity that does not exclude anyone from participating in the government to weaken calls for secession and calls for sectarian strife, such as the call of Salman Murshid and a group of others from his sect who sent letters to several French-English Jewish parties, inciting against national rule, the French ambassador revealed in 2012 one of them!

The authoritarian tendency of many Alawites, who practiced it arbitrarily, reaching the point of enslavement and criminality, awakened a sense of injustice in some Syrians, and they took to the streets at the end of the seventies of the last century. But it was a shy revolt, perhaps because of the adoption of the movement by the Muslim Brotherhood, which was supported by the Baath in Iraq at the time. The Alawites, led by Hafez al-Assad, suppressed them with horror, which led to the destruction of several cities, Hama, Jisr al-Shughur, and several villages and neighborhoods such as the Al-Mashareqa neighborhood in Aleppo, resulting in the death of about 120,000 civilians. This repression, which many Alawites called a victory, made their sense of authoritarian superiority more fierce. Poverty and the displacement of the Syrian youth generation to work abroad were the most important factors of frustration and disappointment with Bashar al-Assad’s rule, which prompted all Syrians to take to the streets in 2011, with the exception of the Alawite regions."People do not go out to the streets if their conditions are bad, but when they are disappointed!" , Slavic thinker Slavoj Zizek says. The emergence of Orient TV is another major factor that broke the state of dispossession among the common Syrians, gathered them around its screen, raised their awareness of the injustice, and brought them out of the circle of closure on Syria, which was formed by the sectarian rule of the Baath on their awareness. What is happening in the neighboring countries of the impressive development within a short period with their exhausting reality and their unjust rule! I consider that the most important factor in the explosion of the Arab Spring in the countries of oppression: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen is the rapid and astonishing development and good governance of the United Arab Emirates, which provided a model to be followed in the region in terms of development, nation-building and the tightening of society’s structures together! This superior spectacle left the faces of its visitors from those Arab countries with broken hearts and questions that led them to take to the streets in anger like a flood!

Hafez al-Assad and the Alawi elite, as they began when they seized power, with a conspiracy, although most of it was exposed, but some of is still hidden, and they still have no project for Syria other than ruling at any cost, even if Syria turns into ruins! Their first weapon against the Syrian people was the policy of striking their social structures together and dividing the Syrian people into religions, sects, tribes, ethnicities, loyalty and opposition, and dependencies for this or that state (!?). If we adopt the theory of sociologist Benedict Anderson, “States are social structures,” then destroying these structures and antagonizing each other and striking them together will destroy society and the state, as happened in the last 12 years. Syria was destroyed and about 16 million were displaced, half of them were external and half were internal, and more than two million were killed! Syria has turned into a playground for international military interventions. The militia and Mafia policy in ruling Syria has crossed the area of conjecture that it is a wrong policy, but we can be certain that it is a deliberate policy aimed at destroying and setting fires in the country before escaping from it after leaving it a barren land!

Hafez al-Assad and the Alawi elite, as they began when they seized power, with a conspiracy, although most of it was exposed, but some of is still hidden, and they still have no project for Syria other than ruling at any cost

The oppressed Syrian social structures during the Assad’s mafia rule for about half a century were afflicted with panic and apprehension. After two years of repression and the conspiracy against the revolution, they lost confidence in each other and were ruined, and the foundations of those structures were destroyed to the extent that many of them became self-inflicted!! Thus, the dream of the Syrian people, revived by the revolution, of a free and noble country that preserves its dignity has been lost, and hatred, treason, and mass murder have become the only means of communication among these structures, even among their members!? The Syrian geography became a divided reality: Damascus and Aleppo were ruled by the Assad militia led by the tenth most powerful figure in Syria, Bashar al-Assad, with the help of Iran, while the coast and its mountains were ruled by the Alawite militia with the help of Russia, and the eastern Euphrates was ruled by armed Kurdish militias who, with the help of the Americans, turned the area into a large prison. While the areas of north Aleppo are ruled by armed gangs raising the Turkish flag and fighting against the PKK gangs, resulting in the death od of civilians on both sides who are all Syrians (!?), while the remnants of Idlib Governorate are ruled by gangs of thieves and thugs and the remnants of the Assad security branches that take on religious slogans and its to justify their existence and criminality, and religion has nothing to do with their deeds. In sum, the current Syria is divided into about five, six, and sometimes seven regions ruled by militias fighting: these are Alawite, those are Sunni, and Druze and Kurdish, and ISIS militias are hiding in the folds of international intelligence..etc. They are all tools of foreign occupations. On the surface, it seems that they do not resemble each other and suggest that the reasons for their formation are different, such as the different colors of the rags they raise and the different discourses, except that their behavior is the same: Destruction, killing and theft in order to empty the areas of their people! As for the sky of Syria, just as its land is permissible for the Americans, the Russians, and the Israelis to try their weapons on its people, killing them day and night in the process of completing the emptying of the areas of their people, and the international and Arab media are in a deep slumber as if the death of the Syrians was no longer news!!

So the process of dwarfing, dividing, swallowing and digesting Syria began a century ago. Perhaps the Western project to displace the Syrian social structures, which was called the Great Syria, to distinguish it from the current Syria, began before that. And the wars of the Druze and the Maroons! To reach Syria in a dilapidated state, more than a third of which is occupied, and the second third is torn under the names of countries that are hostile to each other, and the third is executed in every possible meaning of the word!

the process of dwarfing, dividing, swallowing and digesting Syria began a century ago. Perhaps the Western project to displace the Syrian social structures, which was called the Greater Syria, to distinguish it from the current Syria, began before that

At the beginning of 2015, I realized that the Syrian social structures had been torn apart and it was no longer easy to rebuild trust among them. The problem was no longer who governs Syria (except Bashar Assad and his regime the cause of the affliction) nor how it is governed, but rather to stop the rivers of blood and stop the disintegration and end of the state. In that year, the reality became that Syria needed not a little time, perhaps a decade or two, to restore it. Therefore, with some experts, I adopted the “Charter Regions” project, following the proposal of “Charter Cities” by the economist Paul Romer, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2018. With the aim of stopping the sabotage of the Syrian social structures, preserving the blood of the Syrians, and creating local economic ways that secure and organize the livelihood of the rest of the population, through local administrations exclusively from the people of the region. They govern people rationally through special charters for each region, even if their policies differ, but they should not conflict with the charters of the United Nations and its humanitarian laws.. It was presented through multiple international diplomatic channels. Perhaps I will dedicate a special article to this program!

An Israeli official announces happily: Syria is over, Syria is dead... and the funeral is on time

Amos Gilad, strategic advisor in the Israeli Defense Ministry, said at a conference organized by the "Israel Defense" magazine, that Bashar al-Assad ends up being responsible for the remnants of a state dominated by his Alawite minority. He said, "Syria is finished. Syria is dying. The funeral will be announced at the appropriate time. This Bashar al-Assad will be remembered in history books as the man who lost Syria" (!?)


The free person is tested by the bastards

When the state disintegrates, the dignity of its members is lost, and their nationality becomes worthless, and their passage outside the borders is filled with hard living, loss of dignity, and risk of life. The world, from the first moments of the revolution, treated the Syrians with hostility and arrogance!? Perhaps because the Syrian is known for his ability to adapt because he hates living in “ghettos”, perhaps the reason is due to the lack of Syrians’ trust in each other!? Also, the Syrian is known for his intense desire for excellence and his love for speed of achievement, so I find that there are calls that have been listened to to offend him and dwarf him, and pour all the characteristics of brazen racism on him, and I think that the aim is to degrade his dignity and break his self-esteem towards turning him into a lower class in the society. By the way, the media carried out this campaign, not individuals. It must be an organized campaign.

If the international community is honest that our presence among them offends them and sabotages their societal structure as they claim, then through this article I offer them that I am ready to guarantee the return of all refugees to Syria and even to accept the Arab refugees as well. In exchange, the international community refrains their evils and take the scourge they set up and supported its existence on this nation, the Assad family and their gang, who were overthrown by the revolution during its first weeks, but many countries intervened to ensure the gangs survival!

If they consider the refugees among them as retarded, then I declare that with the refugees we can establish a state that will not be dependent on the international community, rather we guarantee that it will be a partner in the global output and will also be a partner in respecting human and neighborly rights. We only ask for stopping your evils as we die with weapons made by you and used by your agents!

Unfortunately, the Syrians in recent years have almost announced their surrender and accepted to live the tragedy of their indifference. Their indifference towards their misfortune, towards their country, towards their origins, towards their rights as human beings!

The Syrian must understand that this world is filthy and does not care about the destruction and the end of a people. Syrians must protect themselves and find a place for themselves under the sun. This “must” is entrusted with searching for the commonalities that unite us, and not about the differences that separate us, which are very few, in order to establish groups, organizations, federations and associations, through which we can prove ourselves, and compel others to appreciate us. In this affliction, the rich and the poor are equal, and everyone who holds Syrian citizenship is equal even if he holds the citizenship of another country from the third ancestor!

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