The Kurds Thrust Between the World Powers Maps’ Anvil And the PKK’s Hammering

The Kurds Thrust Between the World Powers Maps’ Anvil And the PKK’s Hammering
3- What would the special solution offer to the Kurds outside the Syrian national solution?

In the earlier two articles, we let documents speak for themselves and illustrated the history of the Kurds and the newly debated Kurdish question in clear terms. And how the Kurdish parties look forward to their future homelands. Homelands built upon sectarian, nationalist and fictitious narratives, or else diving deep into an overaged realism aiming at creating an imaginary pattern of consciousness which existing ideological motives have given rise to. An approach that would create nationwide destructive made-up conflicts. The fanatic Kurds made attempts to thrust into the ash heap of history seeking to conjure up origins of their own, like claiming to have had Mediyya origins*; an illiterate group that lived in Iranian-present day regions and hardly had a civilization to brag about. This is in a stupid abandonment of the Mesopotamian civilizations, which flourished and shown up on the nations and revel in evidence of its civilization, in scripts, writings, and monuments! A civilization that the ancestors of the Kurds themselves had contributed as residents involved in building the region all the way from the Assyrian’s to the Islamic age. We believe"that the current contemporary Kurdish nationalist movements by holding to this myth, they reflect a mindset that small grouping of people take in parallel with their laid-off national rise, given that this mindset needs a (historically civilized) association "! As Maytham Al-Janabi expressed in a comment about an article written by Salim Matar! 

In any case, the fate of the present-day peoples, nations, and nationalities can never be built upon the basis of scripts carved in the second millennium BC.

The imperial West worked towards dividing the region into minorities, sects, nationalities, and tribes whereby each of which waves colorful flags, stands at odds and fighting one another to death; in order for the West to maintain their control over energy sources, strategic sites, waterways, and land crossings. The truth is that the West itself is the cause of the Kurds ’grievance. The West substituted the Sevres Treaty with the Second Lausanne Treaty that eliminated the rights of the Kurds to establish a nation-state within the limits of their presence in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and the Arabs’ at the time. Even today, helpless are the Kurds much as they are powerless. They could not and have not had any say in their destiny, so much so that the Kurds have lost Syrian lands; which the West granted to Turkey and Iraq, meanwhile they gave Syrians Iraqi lands under the Sykes-Picot Agreement. Indeed, they could not have stopped that from happening! Nevertheless, the Kurdish parties, instead of directing their people's anger towards the West that oppressed them in the first place, they found in the Arabs' plight and weakness an opportunity to fuel their fire of hatred towards them. In a further insolent attempt to offend the Arabs, they sought to bring down the Arabs nationalism, history, and civilization. Meanwhile at the expense of the Arabs nationality they south to maintain and reinforce the Kurdish nationalism, as we will make it clear later on. 

Among the cornerstones national groups of people should enjoy is to have common ingredients, the most important of which are language, history, and common destiny. The Kurds may well share a number of national ingredients. However, the Kurdish extremists over the last 100 years have made up narratives about their past, filled up with myths and stories that history knows nothing about their documentation. Myths and narratives mixed up with bitterness and oppression and based on the notion that ethnic or national groups that lack their own state are vulnerable to invasion, assimilation, disappearance, and that the peoples surrounding the Kurds are seeking to blend them in. Therefore, they sought to promote an all-inclusive Kurdish nationalism by creating a population loyal to that notion, ready to sacrifice for, and fight against an invented enemy. An invention they antagonized and took up arms against; instead of carrying the arms therewith and point against the foreign powers wreaking havoc in the region and making development a dream that will never come true. On basis of this crooked logic, the Kurdish parties sought to usher in the world of competing geopolitics for a standing, and compete to cope with the international powers playing in the region and dancing to their tone. And by so doing, they strive to cook up entities with the assumption that one day they would, on the long run or short may it be, converge into a single entity; filled up with hopes that the West will never allow to come ture so long as the scepter of power is in its hold.

The emerging Kurdish nationalist consciousness inspired regional players of the Kurdish forces to manufacture a series of contradictory maps to make belief on how the so-called state borders would be. Some of those maps are very wicked in their manipulation of the ethnic fault bordering lines. They even capitalize on the strength of the fait accompli in their formation rather than on the ethnic basis! For that reason, when the Peshmerga forces occupied the Arab Iraqi areas such as Mosul and its surroundings no long ago, in cooperation with the Western coalition, they forced its people out and considered their taking the areas into control an invested right given its liberation from ISIS (the big lie they as well as the West keep telling). The same happened in Syria when the SDF "Qasd" militias occupied Al-Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, Al-Hasakah, Manbij, Al-Bab, and other areas; all of which are Arab lands. They in spite of this, claimed ownership of these areas de facto by force! 

In the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the Barzani government has great influence over the Syrian Kurdish parties, most of which have offices in Erbil. Barzani pokes his nose in their internal affairs and drives them wherever he wants, not to mention that he has the upper hand in appointing their leaders. He was the one who appointed Abdul Hakim Bashar as president of the Kurdish National Council. An appointment for which the latter returned the favor by declaring absolute subordination, saying: "The majority of the Kurdish people in Syria look at Barzani as a national symbol." Barzani furthermore sought to unite the Iraqi, Turkish and Iranian Kurds in order to back up their battle in Syria. He also cut down the dispute between Erbil and Qandil and created a rapprochement between his Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Democratic Union “PYD”.  Following which he provided training services for the Kurdish fighters in the Kurdistan region of Iraq by "Al-Zarfani", the special force of the regional government, and shipped them over to fight the regime-affiliated Syrians and the opposition’s.

As for Turkey, which turns a blind eye to Barzani's actions, albeit not recognizing the Syrian Kurds, who are inspired by the PKK, as part of the legitimate Syrian opposition. This is because, many of their leaders - such as Azad Simi (Sia Kobani), Ahmed Saqr (Fazil Bhutan), Hussain Kahraman (Salim Derik), and Farhad Abdi Shaheen (Shaheen Selo), are all PKK veterans, are on Turkey's most-wanted list for terrorist crimes. This is notwithstanding Turkey's allocating a reward of $ 1.1 million on Silo's head, a picture of whom taken with the US envoy, Brett McGurk in Syria, sparked a diplomatic crisis between the two countries. Added to this, Oglu, the former Turkish foreign minister, issued a statement stressing that: "Ankara opposes the establishment of Kurdish autonomy in northeastern Syria, and will accept the issue only if it is included in a new Syrian constitution approved by the Syrians." For that reason, Turkey supported a Syrian force, the "National Army Militia", and in a matter of hours thoroughly drove the Kurdish fighters out from the Afrin and the western Euphrates district into to the desert jungles; this was when the Kurdish militias attempted to link the district to the Aljazeera of Syria.

This was despite Mazloum Abdi’s assertion that he had 70 thousand fighters: “I am acting as the commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, consisting of 70 thousand (soldiers), who have become a very professional and disciplined fighting force, which the American soldiers and officers know very well and praise our efficiency and our skills”(!?). Murad Qarylan, the leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), warned: "The whole of Kurdistan will turn into a war zone if Turkey interferes in our affairs." None of that ever happened. Mazloum Abdi however begged Aldar Khalil to solicit the Americans protect them as they had promised. Trump in spite of this declared: "We did not give any guarantees to the Kurds that self-rule would be established in Syria," He described them as "mercenaries and far worse than ISIS." Nonetheless, another US Senate official stated: "We did not give military guarantees to the Kurds against Turkey, but we gave them military guarantees against the Syrian regime forces and the Russian mercenaries. " This was the trigger behind the Kurdish forces’ drive to latching on to the American forces ’presence in eastern Syria. "Turkey will never attack us as long as the US government keeps its word, given to us," Abdi says, begging. Likewise, Ilham Ahmed, the in-charge of the so-called Autonomous Administration of Eastern Syria, gave herself a shot at tapping the issues of concern to the Kurds and the western public to try convincing the Americans’ stay.


The approach related to the just idea of the Kurdish question finds its basis on the Kurds' right to an independent Kurdish state in the historical Kurdistan of Iraq, Iran, and Turkey, (Even though some academics assert that the Taurus and Zagros mountains separate the Iraqi Kurds from the Kurds of Turkey and the Kurds of Iran. And that they never had relations amongst them throughout history, even though they share in the same origins). Nevertheless, this right is subject to objectively changing conditions of its components' authenticity, giving rise to its denial. The presence of the Kurds spread out over three countries will not allow them to realize this right nowadays. Until the day when that comes, the Kurds should enjoy all their national, cultural, and citizenship rights in the areas they exist in. Likewise, the idea of the right to self-determination, which some Kurds in Syria advocated maliciously, does not conform to the international principle of the right of peoples to self-determination. The philosopher Rosa Luxemburg's definition about the existence of an immigrant group or (a minority integrated with the spectrum of society or distributed among the spectrums of society geographically, cannot put forward the idea of self-determination.) is in order. Moreover, the historical right concept about the groups of people who inhabited in a certain region, such as the Arab region, forgets about the ethnic integration the region has witnessed. An integration that has taken its current form with an Arab majority; a majority that dates back to more than a thousand and five hundred years ago and in some other regions it exceeds another thousand years.

The Syrian unfolding issue during the past decade is never a Kurdish one. It is an act of revolution of all Syrians against all forms of oppression. I stood up for the demands of the Kurds who had taken part in the Antalya Conference; which I convened on 30/05/2011. I emphasized their right to uphold cultural as well as the language-related rights, that the Arabic language should not be enforced, and that self-administration in the areas with a Kurdish majority should be sanctioned and run by Kurdish and Arab actors, in the confine of the Syrian state, with Damascus as the capital. This was on the understanding that the said course of action would be a step driving towards the Syrian national solution that leads to forging a national contract in a Syrian statehood. A state the cornerstone of which shall rest on a social contract and give birth to a parliamentary democratic state. In an assertion of this right, the Orient Media Group, which I possess, decided to have Kurdish language programs put on air; despite the fact that our specialists indicated fears of losing the Arab public upon switching the broadcast between the two languages! Regrettably, the Kurdish fanatics turned their back to this consensus and rushed to serve the West as mercenaries wielding the necks of the region's inhabitants, both Kurds, and Arabs alike, so much that they occupied Arab regions and committed massacres and carried out mass displacement.

The Kurdish fanatics characterized themselves with insolence when having a discussion, complemented with ill behavior and the use of verbal terrorizing vulgar insults to those who may disagree with in opinion, even if it were by 1%! An insult is an act of alienating others. It is a reflection of fanaticism, which is a deficiency in mental thinking. Accordingly, an Insult is an indication telling how much worthless is the one who may utter upon being debated, someone whose vulgarity is but futile. Just as those fanatics resorted to obscene insults instead of the dialogue with their interlocutors, using thoughts, presenting documents, and voicing knowledge. They also resorted to using accusations of ISIS affiliation to terrorize their interlocutors. Their intolerance reached the point of resorting to using physical violence; given the fact that many puzzling attacks had taken place to those who had a disagreement with, people who are living in Europe!

Nation-states can never be founded on terrorism, injustice, treachery, deceit, abuse, insults, and by the occupation of other peoples' lands, or by using the power of arms and underestimating the blood of others. Neither may it be fulfilled by serving as agents for a foreign power in an apparent metamorphosis from the state of an individual Aga enslaving peasants and a tax collector of the Sublime Porte, into puppets political groups to the great powers against the oppressed peoples! A nation-state can only be founded on justice, education, development, and co-existence with neighboring nations. Empires may well run wild in their late stages, but one can never start out so wild!? The Kurds, if they really think of instituting a nation, then the disgraceful behavior of their parties and their disregard for this behavior will destroy their undertaking before it may even start off!? The Kurds must understand that geography is an eternal magistrate ruling over them and their neighborhood, and that what is taken over today by way of a forced occupation will bring about greater force in the future, and that hatred will only breed greater hatred all the more.  

 The Alawites and the Kurds fanatics in Syria are calling for a solution outside the all-inclusive Syrian national solution, in search of creating solutions specific to each!  This is just an illusion that keeps the cycles of blood and corruption afloat. The Syrian objective reality looks at the Alawites as being Syrian Arabs and part of the Arab nation. As for the Kurds, they are looked at as an ethnic minority; but within the Sunni majority. A minority distributed over some areas in the north of the Syrian homeland who experienced denial of their cultural and political rights by brutal regimes, which have persecuted them much as they have done so to the Sunni Arab majority, as well as persecuting all Syrians at large. The struggle of this minority should be part of the Syrian national struggle that the revolution inaugurated in 2011. Given this, it would be a treacherous act for a group to imagine that it is capable of realizing a partial solution for its own through external support on basis of nationalist illusions and blinded ideological stance. Furthermore, the few and the many notion outside the political framework is a foolish and destructive idea that foreign powers will be using as a Trojan horse; hiding their ambitions behind defending sectarian and national minorities.  The philosopher Ahmed Barqawi   *   says: "  In the Arab world, the concepts of the majority and the minority are rather far-off complex.   We have a majority of Sunnis together with religious and sectarian minorities.   The religious or sectarian minorities however are predominately Arabs in origins; hence they are minorities on the one hand and a majority on the other.   A Christian fits in the Arab majority, for example, and into a religious minority as well.   At the same time, there are national minorities, but they belong to the religious majority.   The Kurds and the Amazigh, for example, are national minorities, but they belong to the Islamic majority.  

The Kurdish racist rhetorics against the Arabs exterminates coexistence settled in the past as well as in modern times. It will give birth to made-up conflicts. These acts are coming in the framework of the policy that the internationally supported minorities' coalition put on stage to target the Arab Sunnis; turning the minorities into a suicide bomb that would inherently blow up in the presence of those around, and will thus shatter the motherland on everyone's heads. Regrettably, the institutions of the minorities' coalition are still claiming that the Arab Sunnis are the aggressors; and yet they keep killing the Arab Sunnis, force them out from their cities, and bring down in destruction. At the same time, they call on the world to protect them from the majority and to put them under the minority protection program (!?) If the Arabs were an alienating nation towards the other different nations, no ethnic or religious minorities would have excited and lived in the region until today! Just remember what the Europeans did to the Jews, and to the Arabs / Moors in Spain formerly. Think of what the white Europeans had done to the indigenous American Indians, and the whites to the aborigines of Australia!  Dr. Barqawi says: "The phenomenon of disparaging Arabs, whether it may come from national minorities, sectarian parties, or ruling groups, is nothing but vilified fanaticism, mental foolishness, and emotional stupidity." Sunni Arabs must realize that they are the targets of these made-up conflicts cooked up by criminals suffering from religious, national ideological blindness. This pressure, as Toynbee underlines, "must create a challenge and response, and lead to the restoration of the fighting spirit." Hence, restoring the balanced unity of power will prevent criminals from destroying our homelands. The wise people of the Kurds must also understand the reality of the situation; that the Kurdish parties and Kurdish leaderships are driving them towards the unknown and turning them into a plaything for their ends. Whenever we meet and discuss with them the PKK and its offsprings’ crimes, besides Barzani's unlawful ambitions to destroy the Arab areas adjacent to the areas where Iraqi Kurds are living, they answer back with crooked eyesight: "They are doing mistakes!" Mass killing, massacres, and displacement are not a mistake. It is rather a strategy the consequences of which will 

tragically be disastrous.

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