The Syrian Opposition Fooled in the Corridors of Foxy Decision-Making Countries

Ghassan Aboud 2021-04-26 00:30:00

It is not unprecedented for our homeland to be part of the world’s decision-makers politics. This was and is an ongoing reality that dates back to the nineteenth century when the Eastern question first originated.  Ever since, the foxy Western politics has manifested itself in giving sweet promises to cover up destructive practices. The international community still follows the same policy in the face of the most spirited revolution in Levantine history, the Syrian revolution! 

The international foxy role towards the Syrian revolution has unmistakably been apparent in its dealing with the Syrian civil and armed opposition forces alike. It was manifest in two manners: 

First:  Treating the opposition as tools amid the big shots decision-making countries’ policy. Practically, the West never looked at the opposition in its capacity as the only legitimate representative of the Syrian people; a 

representative body that needed the international support to realize the Syrians goals to become liberated

Second:  No broken bridges with the Assad's "regime". They kept looking at it as a party in any solution. This is while they knew for sure that this "regime" could only think of the military solution. This kind of thinking lead to bringing in the Russian and the Iranian armies along with the Shiite sectarian militias from Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iran, etc

How does it come for the international order, for international legitimacy, and for the international law to consider a "regime" that used chemical weapons against the people as being a party to a solution? This is while they all know that it is impossible to make a settlement with a rule whose politics is the practicing of sectarian militia’s acts.  This in itself is an indication that the West had no serious intention in searching for a solution that fulfills the Syrian people's demands and legitimate rights.  In order not to go too much deep into the overwhelming details, I am going to focus on one of the worst foxy attitudes the international community has taken towards the Syrian opposition. Namely, Staffan de Mistura, the UN special envoy to Syria, can be said to have been the most deceitful and most foxy manifestation of the big shot decision-making countries

Mistura sent dozens of invitations to all gatherings, parties, movements, factions, and organizations, some of which were real opposition, and yet many were phony opposition. Some had even been made up during the time he sent his invitations, just in order for them to take advantage of being called into!  By seeking to build up a negotiating team to sit with the Assad “regime“, he adopted a political process called the “Big Tent“. However, he spent his four-year term in office sitting and kneading much ado about nothing. And given that his focus was on coming up with a kind of homogeneous-kneading delegation made up of dozens of different opposition groups; other essential issues fell into an abyss. For example, the stopping of bombardment and destruction, the killing, and lifting off the siege, releasing detainees, giving way to the delivery of aids, protecting hospitals, and reaching a political solution in accordance with the Geneva decisions, were all in slumber

The veteran diplomat insisted on building up a homogeneous delegation consisting of all Syrian opposition groups, including all ethnic groups, sects and regions. A delegation in which all political beliefs and social aspects universally represented in the three divisions take part: the parties affiliated section, the independents, the military, the civilian whether they may be fighters or activists, the Islamists and atheists alike. He wanted them to have one will and vision, or else there will be no negotiations. Truly, under such policy, it never saw the light!? "Our team represents all walks of the opposition the Syrian society consists of," said Riad Hajab, head of the negotiations committee. De Mistura, however, objected because other movements did not agree with Riad‘s, such as Mona Ghanem, Louai Hussein and the Yabba Dabba Doo

De Mistura is the first international diplomat to declare that "Asad is part of the political solution", though he, later on, withdrew the statement saying that it was just a slip of tongue! Notwithstanding the fact that he provided grounds for various international tongues, which entertained his statement and cried not to break up with the Assad "regime”!  The Assad media played Mistura’s “slip of tongue” as a recurring symphony and used it as a policy in an attempt to subdue the will of the Syrian people.  It also was De Mistura who missed his footing; visiting the Iranian embassy in Damascus and congratulated them on the "National" Day for the clerics' access to Iran's rule. Once more, he apologized for and furnished a justification for, too!

De Mistura:  

He devoted his term in office over four years to the forge a homogeneous opposition delegation. He said that he: "...understands that many of the main parties involved in the political talks are unlikely to accept each other's legitimacy and sit together in face-to-face peace talks!"  Did it reasonably took him four years to understand that he had been kneading sands and that it was impossible to bring the real and phony oppositions, both with different backgrounds and affiliations, all together. 

Never. He knows exactly what he was doing. He was simply giving time for the international players and Bashar Assad as well its bunch to take advantage of the political cover up his initiative provided. A move aiming at strengthening their ambitions on towards the Syrian soil and on top of that to dash the Syrian people‘s hopes in reaping the results of their revolution.  De Mistura and the powers that be which appointed De Mistura knew that a true political solution would have avoided Syria sliding into the proxy wars. Wars from which the enemies of the Syrian people benefited and left them to pay the heavy price alone.  Furthermore, the majority of the groups which De Mistura had invited had an international guarantor, i.e. each was an agent for an international party. 

That is why they had the liberty to accept, reject, or set conditions and put a stick in the wheels here and there, trigger off media chaos to bring despair into the people of the revolution. This is much as to create an atmosphere conductive to giving an impression that they were left alone in the trenches!  The International players further wind-swept the time and diffused the efforts by their capitalization on their default veto power to support their representatives and reject others. For example, Russia pressed for excluding the Islamic groups from the political talks, while Turkey rejected the Kurdish People's Protection Units and the Democratic Union Party, whereas Saudi Arabia considered that the Negotiating Body is the legitimate and sole representative; the "regime" rejected all. It, however, was sick in love with Louai Hussein, Kadri Jamil, and the likes of those "opposition" who loathed the revolution, and called for its survival and making repairs to its joints only!  The veteran diplomat did succeed in his realizing the true goal he wanted:  To keep up a feeling that a political process had been underway even when there was no signs of life in the whole process.

A meeting I had with De Mistura in mid-May 2015 was not a friendly one. The things I said were published in the media and is documented by the United Nations at my request. However, I would like to make a point vis-à-vis the core of the subject of today. To be precise, I accused him of creating a feeling at an international level and for the Syrians that the revolution is a reckless act and it has nobody to represent, by seeking to make the opposition in disperse and his adopting dozens of phony oppositions members.  Upon denting my accusation, I asked him to put the transparency law into action and to inform the Syrians bout his talks with the opposition groups. The Syrians verily have the right to know what the people who claim to represent in the international community's lobbies are saying.  However, he maneuvered. He knew that his real mission was not to create a 

!political process; it was rather to dilute the Geneva outputs perhaps forever

I do not believe in good intentions in politics; it has never existed in the first place for one to believe in. Hence, to make justification for a behavior or statement a politician may come up with!  I remember that when I attended the First Conference of Friends of the Syrian People in Tunisia, I arrived about an hour before the beginning of the opening session and missed some of its earlier side meetings; because I could not arrive the day before its deliberation. On the way to the hall, Orient's correspondent briefed me on the meetings held before my arrival, including that the then Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met the opposition member Haitham Al-Maleh individually before his meeting with the National Council Speaker Dr. Burhan Ghalion and representatives of the Council. And when I entered the meeting room, I sought out an opportunity and asked him:  How did it come for him to meet with Al-Maleh individually before meeting with the president and members of the National Council or with the members of the Council, seeing that Al-Maleh was a member in?  I brought home emphasis that this was a wrong message that may contribute to breaking the Syrian consensus on the right of Glion to head the Council.  However, Oglo known for his tactfulness smiled and did not respond. 

 When the session of the National Council was held, after the conference, I was ad honorem invited to run the session; this was because I am not a council member and never joined any opposition party to date.  In that session, Ghalion was subject to an aggressively vulgar and unacceptable attack by Al-Maleh. Added to this some of the members, known of their foul-mouth (one of whom is still using it to lie and deceive the Syrians by broadcasting the "one Man Show" on the social media, now that the clamor in the opposition halls came to an end), belittled Ghalion’s role in a manner that little has to do with an elite disposition. I declined to continue running the session and left the hall. He followed me along with his fellow and asked me to help overthrow Ghalion from presiding over the Council. And when I asked them about the alternative?  The cheater said: "me". I asked him what qualifications he had over Dr. Ghalion’s. He underlined his qualification as being a “graduate” from the Assad’s political prisons! Giving no comment, I left them and headed for my room for rest. I also met Ghalion who also withdrew from the session. He commented with pain, grief, and perhaps with broken feelings: "I think you saw what I am suffering with them"!  I said: "Yes, I did not expect that to happen!  However, I think the Oglo bomb was the deadliest in the session.  I wonder how you accepted to meet with him after his sitting with an opposition member in his personal capacity before meeting with you as the representative of the Council, which the Syrians agreed upon its representing them, in which you are a member of.

The Syrian revolution is a truly liberating revolution, and because it is a liberation revolution, there is no need for it to be looked at from the point of view of religious, sectarian, ethnic, intercommunal, and gender divisions. There is no need for the opposition members in all to have representation in; as DE MISTURA and the others did and wanted.  It is a revolution of people seeking to realize a national statehood. One bound with a national contract binding and a state with a social contract.  A state of citizenship, equal rights, and duties, with political freedom and civil society free will.  The history of the Syrian struggle has never seen the divisions they want for us!  Some of the public may upraise a revolution; it does need the whole public to share in. 

 A public represented by a group of honorable patriots whose honor, clean hands, and patriotism people can trust in. There is no need for the whole nation to trust a group like this. An elite of well-to-do people, businessmen, intellectuals, politicians, social, and military figures should go into the making of this group. An environment where each has a role to play in bringing into life a national transparency-guided financial fund to cherish the trust of the Syrians in, and whereby each may contribute into as much as one can afford. An elite that is furthermore not running a state to warrant elections that can never be engineered under the ruling of a sectarian terrorist junta. In addition to the above, there is no need to have periodic inter-elections as the Syrian opposition did in fixing ؟!up a new president every three months; what a disaster and catastrophe was it. ⁧

Both of the AL- Assads’, father and son, never had negotiation with the Syrian people. They even never bothered a bit about the demands of the Syrians, ever since they wield the power over the Syrians. A  revolution with well over two million victims and missing persons, along with 16 million displaced has never triggered Bashar Assad to replace an in-charge of a neighborhood in an attempt to little please the public; a public that he regards as non-existing originally!  Notwithstanding this, their will has been downtrodden towards the influential countries; bargaining with one and giving bribes to another at the expense of the Syrian land and the future of the Syrians.

The Syrians will not forget the statement of the Assad militias ex-foreign minister Walid Al Muallim saying: "Whoever may wish to attack Syria will be of no justification unless this is made by coordination with us"!  Accordingly, any actor who may wish to present himself as a representative of the Syrian revolution should have his strategy and tactics based on a single principle:  An autonomous Syrian decision and the opposition in its capacity as the sole legitimate representative shall prevail. And that the opposition‘s ordeal over the past ten years with the  experience it had by the foxy disposition of the countries involved should bring an awareness that may well accelerate the salvation of Syrian from all occupations of all forms.

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