Global coronavirus recoveries exceed 600,000

Global coronavirus recoveries exceed 600,000
The global tally of recoveries from coronavirus exceeded 600,000 on Sunday (April 19), AA reported.

According to running data compiled by the US-based Johns Hopkins University, a total of 602,793 recoveries were recorded across the globe, while over 161,330 people have died from the pandemic.

In total, more than 2.34 million have contracted the disease.

The highest number of virus recoveries was registered in Germany with 88,000.

China followed Germany with 77,681 recovery cases, while Spain, one of the countries most affected by COVID-19, had 77,357 people regaining health.

The US -- which currently tops both global fatalities and cases, with 39,090 deaths and 735,287 people testing positive -- showed almost 66,819 recoveries.

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