Turkey's coronavirus cases near 57,000

Turkey's coronavirus cases near 57,000
Turkey's coronavirus death toll has risen to 1,198 with 97 new deaths and 481 recoveries in the past 24 hours, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced Sunday (April 12).

"We have a decrease in the number of intubated patients," Koca said in a tweet, adding that more tests lead to more diagnoses and quarantines. Cases of COVID-19 stood at 56,956 on Sunday.

"This struggle is to be won by staying at home," he warned.

Turkey has imposed restrictions on daily life in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Though an early response to the crisis has stemmed the number of those infected, the country has had mixed success in limiting public mobility, especially on weekends and given rising temperatures. With this in mind, a weekend curfew declared Friday in over 31 mainly urban provinces came as no surprise for many, despite having been announced only two hours before implementation.

Streets, avenues and main squares across the country have been void of activity this weekend in the wake of the curfew imposed by the Interior Ministry.

Turkey already had a curfew in place for those above the age of 65 and those under 20, yet stopped short of a full lockdown. The government has, until now, relied on the public’s compliance with calls for self-isolation. Authorities have called on people repeatedly to impose their own quarantine or lockdown measures.

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