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Dozens killed, injured by new Russian massacre in Idlib’s Maaret Masrin

Orient Net 2020-03-05 07:28:00

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Russian warplanes intensified bombardment on Idlib province on Thursday (March 5), killing at least 14 civilians and injuring 20 others, Orient correspondent said.

The warplanes bombed on the early hours of Thursday a chicken farm used as a temporary accommodation center for IDPs in Maaret Masrin city, killing 14 civilians, including five women and two children and injuring 20 others, including five women and five children.

An AFP correspondent saw the bodies of some of the victims wrapped in thick winter blankets at a local hospital.

A rescuer carried in the body odd a baby girl, her mouth filled with grey debris and her pink pyjamas caked in dust.

On Wednesday, three civilians who were wounded Assad bombardment on Idlib schools and residential areas died of their injuries on Wednesday.

A UN investigation into atrocities committed in Syria, published on Monday (March 2), accused Russia of direct involvement in war crimes for indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas.

The issuance of the report coincided with new Russian massacre where Russian warplanes bombed on Monday al-Fu'ah town in Idlib countryside, killing nine civilians.

IN December, 12 Russian airstrikes systematically and deliberately destroyed two chicken farms in Kafr Takharim town, killing thousands of chicks and chickens.

Activists on social media condemned this systematic exposure to live poultry that makes Russian mercenaries who have been involved in the slaughter of Syrian civilians, but also in the slaughter of poultry.