Turkey downs new Assad jet in Idlib

Turkey downs new Assad jet in Idlib
An Assad regime's L-39 jet was downed on Tuesday (March 3) in Idlib province, Orient correspondent reported. 

The warplane was downed in Jabal al-Zawiya in Idlib countryside.

Turkish Defense Ministry said that Turkish F-16 jet downed an Assad regime an L-39 warplane near Maarat al-Numan. 

Turkish Defense Ministry said that two air defense systems, including one which earlier downed a Turkish drone, were destroyed. 

On Sunday, three Assad regime Su-24 jets were downed in Idlib province and hit Assad regime’s air bases of Kweiris, Neirab and Menagh in Aleppo countryside.

Last month, opposition fighters downed three Assad regime helicopters and two Russian reconnaissance drones above Aleppo countryside and Idlib countryside.

At least 34 Turkish soldiers were killed and several more injured in an airstrike by Assad regime warplanes in Idlib late Thursday. Following the attack, Turkey launched Operation Spring Shield to put an end to regime massacres and to prevent radicalization and migration, according to Turkish National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar.

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