Trump condemns deadly Idlib attack on Turkish troops

Trump condemns deadly Idlib attack on Turkish troops
US President Donald Trump condemned a deadly Assad regime attack in northwestern Syria's Idlib province during a telephone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the White House said Friday (February 28).

Trump "expressed his condolences and condemned yesterday’s attack that killed Turkish personnel in Syria," spokesman Judd Deere said in a statement.

"President Trump reaffirmed his support for Turkey’s efforts to de-escalate the situation in northwest Syria and avoid a humanitarian catastrophe," added Deere. The two leaders agreed that the Assad regime, Russia, and the Iranian regime must halt their offensive before more innocent civilians are killed and displaced.

Meanwhile, Erdogan told Trump that Turkey has retaliated in kind to regime's Thursday attack that left 33 Turkish soldiers dead, a Turkish presidency statement said.

"President (Erdogan) reaffirmed our country's determination to clear the area determined by the Sochi memorandum in Idlib from the regime elements," the statement said.

The two presidents agreed on the need for immediate action to avert a humanitarian crisis in Idlib, it added.

Late Thursday, at least 33 Turkish soldiers were killed and tens of others injured in an airstrike by Assad regime forces in Idlib, just across Turkey’s southern border.

The Turkish soldiers are working to protect local civilians under a September 2018 deal with Russia under which acts of aggression are prohibited in the region.

Based on AA, DS

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