Orient for Human Relief launches new campaign to help Syrian IDPs

Orient for Human Relief continues to provide its services to civilians and Syrian internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northern Syria, in light of almost complete absence of relief organizations. 

Orient for Human Relief distributed in (January 2020) 65 medical monitors‎ and oximeters to several hospitals and ambulance centers in coordination with health directorates in Idlib and Aleppo. These medical devices will be used in operating theatres and intensive care ventilators to monitor vital signs of patients. It is worth mentioning that many hospitals are unable to buy such advanced medical equipment due to their high cost and inability to introduce them into northern Syria.

Orient for Human Relief, in cooperation with Multifaith Alliance has also distributed large quantities of antigens designed to treat cancer, chronic and dermatological diseases to medical centers and hospitals of the directorates of health through timetables and according to a considered plan. As many patients cannot afford to buy them due to their scarcity and high prices. In addition to twenty thousand cans of multivitamins to be distributed later to the beneficiaries for free. 

The internally displaced persons are also a top priority of Orient for Human Relief. Therefore, the foundation has erected a camp near al-Hamama town in Idlib western countryside with a capacity of 150 tents. Orient Humanitarian also plans to establish two other camps during the few coming weeks to cope with incoming waves of displaced people that resulted from the attacks of Assad militia and Russian occupation forces.

Moreover, Orient for Human Relief has launched a series of medical relief campaigns for the IDPs in camps and population centers. These campaigns continue during February. The foundation has also launched a campaign for lice and scabies treatment in the camps. The campaign included the distribution of special medicines and hygiene materials to the IDPs whose camps are deprived of the minimal necessities of life and lack health care and sewage systems.

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