Opposition fighters destroy Assad tanks in Syria’s Idlib

Orient Net 2020-02-20 12:01:00

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Opposition fighters in the National Front for Liberation (NFL) have killed and injured dozens of Assad militiamen and destroyed Assad tanks in Idlib countryside, Orient correspondent said.

NFL fighters launched on Thursday (February 20) attacks against the Assad militiamen, killing and injuring Assad militiamen, including officers.

NFL fighters have destroyed three tanks and a BMP vehicle.

Meanwhile, opposition fighters downed two Russian reconnaissance drones over Sarmin town and al-Nayrab town in Idlib countryside.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights SNHR documented in its report released on (January 1) 43 massacres committed by Assad regime's militias and 22 massacres committed by Russian forces in 2019.

The report documented the deaths of 3,364 civilians in 2019, including 842 children and 486 women at the hands of the perpetrator parties to the conflict in Syria, including 234 in December.