Infant, child hospitalized after tent fire in Aleppo’s Darat Izza

Infant, child hospitalized after tent fire in Aleppo’s Darat Izza
A child and an infant were severely burned on Monday (February 10) in a fire in a camp in Darat Izza town in Aleppo western countryside, Orient correspondent said.

Maha Omar al-Breig, one-month-old, and her four-year-old brother Imo were transported to hospital due to critia a one-month-old baby, a one-year-old baby critical burns after fire devoured their tent.

Most internally displaced persons (IDPs) lack means of heating and resort to improvised solutions that are not safe. Moreover, the quality of the majority of the heaters in the camps are bad.

Low temperatures aggravated the suffering of the IDPs who have to endure dire conditions in inadequate makeshift tents. 

The only way to stop these tent-fire tragedies is to replace all the existing tents with fire-resistant ones. This is the short-term solution that must be implemented along with other safety measures and awareness campaigns. But as the world watches Syria and wrings its hands over our endless tragedies, it is clear that the solution for these camps is simple: people need to go back home. Yakzan Shishakly the founder of Maram Foundation told the National in 2013 after a tent fire that claimed the lives of five Syrian children in Atmeh camp. However, unfortunately, the situation has worsened since that date.

It is worth mentioning that the scarcity of heating fuel forces IDPs to use risky hazardous methods of heating such as burning wood, paper, and plastic which lead to asphyxia and fires accidents.

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