Five children among 16 civilians killed by Assad, Russian bombardment in Idlib, Aleppo

Five children among 16 civilians killed by Assad, Russian bombardment in Idlib, Aleppo
Russian warplanes and Assad helicopters intensified bombardment on Idlib and Aleppo countryside on Sunday (February 2), killing 16 civilians, including five children and four women and injuring 23 others, including six children and four women, Orient correspondent said.

The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on Sarmin town, killing eight civilians, seven from the same family, including four children and three women and injuring three others, as they were preparing to depart their home to escape Assad bombardment.

Rescue workers pulled the bodies of a nine-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy from the debris of a two-storey building, an AFP correspondent in the town said.

Their father, Abu Fida, stood by weeping. "It's a terrible disaster," he said.

Abu Fida said he and his family had fled bombardment on Sarmin on Thursday, with just the clothes on their back.

They returned on Saturday night to collect their belongings, deciding to spend a last night at home before leaving for good.

"I wanted to get my family out this morning but my wife told me to go to work. So I sent them a driver with a car to transport their things," but then aircraft hit the house, he told AFP.

His wife was inside the house when it was struck, but he survived with three other children.

In al-Mastumah village, the Assad artillery shells and rockets killed two men and injured two others.

In Binnish, Assad warplanes killed a child and injured two children and a woman.

In Aleppo countryside, Assad-Russian warplanes killed four civilians, including a woman and injured 14 others, including four children.

White Helmets volunteers worked hard to rescue civilians from under the rubble of destroyed buildings in the aftermath of the airstrikes.

The Assad regime and Russia continue their scorched earth policy against civilians and civilians, according to Orient correspondent.

On Wednesday midnight Russian warplanes bombed al-Shami Hospital, a bakery and civilian homes in the city of Ariha in Idlib countryside, killing 13 civilians, including a doctor, four children and six women and injuring 68 others, including 13 children and 15 women.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights SNHR documented in its report released on (January 1) 43 massacres committed by Assad regime's militias and 22 massacres committed by Russian forces in 2019.

The report documented the deaths of 3,364 civilians in 2019, including 842 children and 486 women at the hands of the perpetrator parties to the conflict in Syria, including 234 in December.

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