New victims reported by Russian-Assad bombing in Aleppo countryside

Orient Net 2020-01-22 21:56:00

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Russian warplanes conducted airstrikes Wednesday (January 22) on Aleppo and Idlib provinces, killing and injuring civilians, Orient News correspondent said. 

In Atareb city in Aleppo western countryside, two women from the same family were killed and many others were injured by the airstrikes.  

Kahn al-Asal, Kafr Naha, Kafr Dael, Khlesa, Sahafeen, Khan Toman were heavily targetted.

In Idlib, airstrikes were conducted in Maaret al-Numan, Khan al-Numan, Maarshurin, Sarjeh, SHeikh Idris and al-Bara in addition to al-Arbarin Mountain.

On Tuesday , At least 9 civilians were killed in the village of Kafr Taal in Aleppo western countryside, 9 in Far Noran, 9 in Maardebseh, 2 in Bara, 2 in Jadraya, 1 in Teqad, 2 in Kafrnaha, 1 in Rihab and 1 in the regiment 46 on Tuesday (January 21), most of them women and children.