Opposition fighters warn civilians against approaching Assad positions in Aleppo

Orient Net 2020-01-21 08:21:00

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Allied opposition fighters and anti-Assad regime factions issued a statement on Monday (January 20) in which they called on civilians in Aleppo countryside to be far from Assad regime's positions and Iranian militias' locations, describing them as legal targets.

"We commend our fellow Syrians in Aleppo city and Aleppo countryside's front areas to avoid approaching areas controlled by Assad militias, including airbases, barracks and headquarters are they are legal targets set by us," lines of the statement read.

The statement explained that opposition fighters will never stand helpless amid the Assad terrorists's and Russians' bombing campaign on civilians in Aleppo and its countryside.

Assad militiamen and their Russian allies have launched a bombing campaign on civilians in Aleppo countryside for more than one week now, killing, injuring and displacing thousands of civilians towards the Turkish border.