Tens of thousands flee Assad-Russian bombardment in Aleppo countryside, head to Turkish border

Tens of thousands of Syrian civilians have fled to the Turkish border from Aleppo countryside because of continuous intensified bombardment by Russian and Assad warplanes, Orient correspondent said. 

A long line of vehicles was seen on Saturday (January 18) leaving Aleppo countryside where hundreds of thousands of civilians used to live. Most people are leaving their houses in the southern and western Aleppo countryside towards safer areas near the Turkish border.

Response Coordination Group posted a video showing the movement of hundreds of vehicles, carrying civilians from the southern and western countryside of Aleppo towards the olive branch areas through Ghazawiyet crossing.

Russian warplanes launched on the early hours of Saturday several airstrikes on a temporary housing of displaced persons near Darat Izza town in Aleppo countryside, killing two parents and their son and daughter.

The Free Education Directorate suspended the educational activities in all the schools in ALeppo countryside for two days (Saturday and Sunday) to save the lives of students after the severe bombardment on Friday.

On Friday, Russian warplanes launched several airstrikes on a temporary housing of displaced persons in Awejel village in Aleppo countryside, killing a boy and a girl and injuring four others, including three women.

The warplanes also bombed several villages and towns in Aleppo countryside, causing substantial material damage and massive displacement of the population.

The civilians left their homes in Khan al-Asal, Kafr Naha and Ain Jara due to Russian airstrikes, according to Syria's Response Coordination Group.

"I lived in the village of Khan al-Asal in the western countryside of Aleppo. We are fleeing attacks. But I do not know where to go. Probably we will go to the Dana region of Idlib," Civilian Ahmed Ali told Anadolu Agency.

Abdul-Razzak Rahhal said: "Due to intense attacks I left our village with my family of 19 people to Khan al-Asal because it was relatively stable. But now they are targeting Khan al-Asal. We are leaving it and don't know where to go," he said.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights SNHR documented in its report released on (January 1) 43 massacres committed by Assad regime's militias and 22 massacres committed by Russian forces in 2019.

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