Assad militias suffer losses in Idlib countryside

Syrian opposition fighters in the National Front for Liberation (NFL) have targeted Assad positions in Idlib countryside, causing losses to the latter, Orient correspondent said.

NFL posted a video on Thursday (December 26), showing its fighters targeting Assad regime positions in al-Tah village, using a guided missile, killing and injuring Assad militiaman, the group said on its social media outlets.

Meanwhile, the NFL fighters said they repelled the advance of Assad militiamen and destroyed two tanks at al-Tah and Abu Jreif battlefronts.

On Tuesday, eight civilians, including five children and two women were killed and others were injured after Russian warplanes bombed a school housing forcibly displaced people in Idlib province.  

Assad-Russian warplanes have committed dozens of massacres in Idlib and Hama countryside since they launched their bombing campaign on the 30th of April, largely violating the de-escalation zone deal reached between Russia and Turkey.

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