SNA prevents bomb attack in Tel Abyad

Orient Net 2019-12-27 07:31:00

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Syrian National Army (SNA)Thursday (December 26) foiled a terror attack in northern Syria when they found a bomb-laden lorry during sweep and clear efforts in Tel Abyad.

The SNA forces stopped the lorry heading to the district center of Tel Abyad which was cleared of terrorists with Turkey’s operation.

During a search on the vehicle, they found a bomb, which was later detonated in an area away from civilians.

Mohamed Cerrah, a commander in the SNA said YPG terror group had previously targeted the civilians with bomb-laden vehicles, as well.

Earlier this month, two civilians were killed in Tel Abyad by a car bomb explosion that took place in a garage of cars.

Car bombs and motorbike bombs have repeatedly reported in the areas of Operation Peace Spring, Operation Olive Branch and the Operation Euphrates shield.

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