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Lebanon's Hariri will not seek prime minister post

Orient Net 2019-12-19 08:28:00

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Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Wednesday he would not seek to stay on as prime minister, ahead of much-delayed consultations to give the protest-wracked country a new government, AFP reports.

Hariri resigned on October 29 following unprecedented nationwide demonstrations against Lebanon's reviled political elite.

While the caretaker premier had looked like he might attempt to keep his seat, he said on Wednesday his name was drawing too much opposition for him to be a candidate when official consultations to pick a new line-up begin on Thursday.

"I have striven to meet their demand for a government of experts, which I saw as the only option to address the serious social and economic crisis our country faces," Hariri said, according to AFP.

"I announce I will not be a candidate to form the next government," he said in a statement.