Assad barrel bombs kill 3 kids, 2 women in Idlib countryside

Russian warplanes flown by Assad terrorist pilots are still attacking towns and villages in Idlib countryside, Orient News correspondent has said.

Assad helicopters dropped barrel bombs and rockets on the towns of  villages of Binnish, Serman, Herakin, Maasaran and Deir Sharqi in Idlib southern countryside on Monday (Dec. 16).

At least five civilians, women, and children have been reported to be killed in Binnish and Maar Shurin where the Assad militias are pursuing the policy of displacement against locals.


Assad barrel bombs killed at least one child and injured seven, all from the same family in the village of Maar Shurin on Sunday.

Assad and Russian terrorists and militiamen killed at least 21 civilians in Idlib countryside on Saturday (December 7). The Russian warplanes with Assad barrel bombs killed 4 civilians in Idlib countryside’s al-Bara, 5 in Abdita, 9 in Baylun, 1 in Bajghas and 2 in Telmenes; all of them on one day.

Assad-Russian warplanes have committed dozens of massacres in Idlib and Hama countryside since they launched their bombing campaign on the 30th of April, largely violating the de-escalation zone deal reached between Russia and Turkey. 


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