Chicken slaughter- Russian jets kill thousands of chicks in Idlib

Orient Net 2019-12-09 08:41:00

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Russian warplanes targeted on Sunday (December 8) two chicken farms in Idlib countryside, causing chicken deaths and destroying the farms, Orient correspondent reported.

12 Russian airstrikes systematically and deliberately destroyed the two chicken farms in Kafr Takharim town, killing thousands of chicks and chickens.

Activists on social media have condemned this systematic exposure to live poultry that makes Russian mercenaries who have been involved in the slaughter of Syrian civilians, but also in the slaughter of poultry.

At least 21 civilians, including nine children were killed and others were injured on Saturday after Russian warplanes and Assad helicopters bombed Idlib countryside.  

Assad regime’s militiamen have systematically targeted sheep and animals within farmlands in opposition-held areas in Syria.

Russian warplanes and Assad militiamen are targeting anything that moves in Idlib countryside, preventing medical teams and volunteers from reaching the injured and killing humanitarian agents, preventing them from fulfilling their duties.