Lebanon slips deeper into turmoil, no sign of new government

Orient Net 2019-11-14 10:59:00

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Protesters barricaded main roads across Lebanon on Wednesday (November 13) after President Michel Aoun enraged demonstrators by urging them to end their revolt against corruption and cronyism in the political establishment.

His remarks in a television interview late on Tuesday (November 12) ignited demonstrations overnight in which a protester was shot and killed after an altercation with Lebanese soldiers at a roadblock south of Beirut.

The killing marked a bloody twist to the crisis that has gripped Lebanon for nearly a month, heightening tensions in a country trapped in a deep political and economic crisis.

Aoun said on Twitter economic conditions were deteriorating further due to country's current circumstances, although the start of oil and gas exploration - expected soon -- would help improve things gradually.

Aoun met French diplomatic envoy Christophe Farnaud, who delivered a message from President Emmanuel Macron affirming France's readiness to help Lebanon in the current circumstances, the Lebanese presidency said.