Assad airstrike kills three children in Idlib countryside

Assad-Russian warplanes have targeted Jisr al-Sheghoor after they attacked civilian neighbourhoods in Idlib southern countryside, killing and injuring civilians, Orient News correspondent said.  

“Three children were killed on Tuesday (Nov 5), their mothers was injured after an airstrike was conducted in al-Dar al-Kabirah in Idlib southern countryside,” Mohammad al-Faisal said. 

Orient News apologizes for not publishing the pictures of the children as they are extremely graphic.

Similar airstrikes and artillery attacks were reported on Tuesday in Jabala in the southern countryside of Idlib.

Assad militias and their allies killed, injured and displaced hundreds of thousands of Syrians in Idlib and Hama countryside in their last bombing campaign which mainly started in the end of March and was ordered to be halted by Russia in the end of August 2019. Assad militias are violating the ceasefire on a daily basis.    

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