Steps of obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning property in Turkey

Steps of obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning property in Turkey
Following the decision of Turkish government to grant foreign investors Turkish citizenship when they buy a property in Turkey that worth $250.000, it became the subject of concern for investors who want to get a powerful passport and strong nationality such as Turkish nationality.

You can learn about the advantages of Turkish nationality here: The benefits of obtaining Turkish Citizenship for foreign investors

With the issuance of this decision, many foreigners rushed to come to Turkey and buy a property or a group of properties in this amount in order to obtain Turkish nationality. By being in Turkish real estate market for more than five years we noticed that the investor who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship often buy a property in order to obtain citizenship only without having sufficient information to benefit from this real estate investment.

We should not forget that the requirements to obtain Turkish citizenship include a pledge not to sell this property or group of properties for 3 years, so it is better for you to contact with a professional and experienced real estate consultant to provide you with an accurate consultation so after a specified period, you start to make profit.

 What are the tips for making the most out of real estate investing? 

• You should choose an area that will achieve real estate growth as high as possible. If you do not know the investment areas in Istanbul, it is never a problem because our real estate consultant has spent many years following the changes in prices and growth rates for each area of Istanbul accurately and has knowledge of all the details you need to know.

• Avoid the completed and old properties in a inhabited  areas, for example, buying a home in the heart of Istanbul, near the archaeological sites and the Bosphorus, is really fun if you are on a holiday. In real estate investing, the property must be promising after 3 years or you will be a victim for the investment.

• Focus on the developing areas. It is a good option if you want your investment to be distributed on more than one property. Going to the suburbs of Istanbul, where the projects are under construction and near the date of delivery will double your profit, but again, we emphasize on the importance of dealing with a real estate broker that provides you with useful advice.

• If you want a guaranteed income but you don't have time to buy many apartments and deal with tenants, you should buy a store or a hotel with a lease for three years and you will earn a guaranteed investment return. After the three years you can continue to invest or sell your property easily with additional profits.

• No matter what option you prefer, you need to use a real estate broker. He offers his services for you free of charge and avoid you to take the wrong choice. 

For more information about the importance of dealing with a real estate broker: Don't buy a property in Turkey by yourself.. consult a real estate company

For the appropriate properties to obtain Turkish citizenship, there are many and they must include some conditions you can find here: Steps of obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey

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