Protesters question Hariri's readiness to lead Lebanon again

Protesters question Hariri's readiness to lead Lebanon again
Hundreds continued to protest across multiple Lebanese cities on Thursday (October 31), hours after a senior official close to former Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Hariri was ready to return and form a new government under his own terms.

The source who declined to be identified said Hariri's condition is that the government includes technocrats and can quickly implement reforms to stave off economic collapse.

But protesters in Beirut, Saida and Tripoli were still chanting anti-government slogans well into the night, despite some saying they would back Hariri's non-sectarian government.

After two weeks of anti-government protests largely subsided following Hariri's resignation on Tuesday (October 29), main roads in Lebanon reopened on Wednesday as security forces sought to restore a semblance of normality.

Banks remained closed for an 11th working day but the Association of Lebanese Banks said they would resume normal operations and receive customers on Friday.

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