Mine explodes, injures Syrian family in border town

Orient Net 2019-10-20 16:25:00

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A Syrian family was injured on Sunday (October 20) after a mine exploded in their home in the border town of Tel Abyad.

Members of the family said they found a strange item in the house, which exploded when they tugged at it.

One man lost his fingers, another wounded his head, and a young girl's arm was injured in the explosion. Medical personnel arrived on site to treat their injuries.

The family and opposition forces believe the mine was left behind by Kurdish forces before Turkish-backed rebels gained control of the town.

Turkey launched an operation in northeast Syria aiming to neutralize the Kurdish YPG militia, the main element of Washington's Kurdish-led ally, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which has been a key US ally in dismantling the jihadist "caliphate" set up by ISIS militants in Syria.