Two farmers killed in Idlib countryside by Assad missile

Two farmers killed in Idlib countryside by Assad missile
Assad militiamen continue to violate Idlib ceasefire, killing and injuring civilians and destroying houses and farmlands, Orient News correspondent says.

"Two civilians were killed on Wednesday October the 9th and at least four others were injured in a farmland in the town of Badama in Idlib countryside after Assad militiamen targeted them with a missile while the civilians were yielding the olive harvest in a farmland," the White Helmets volunteers said.   

On Tuesday Assad shelling was reported in the towns of Kafr Oweid and Haas in Idlib countryside. 

On Sunday Assad artillery shells killed a girl and injured two others in the village of al-Ziainia in Jisr al-Sheghoor countryside.   

Assad militiamen and their Iranian and Russian allies killed, injured and displaced hundreds of thousands of Syrians in Hama and Idlib countryside in the last relentless bombing campaign which lasted from March 31 till August the 31st  when the Russians said the regime would commit to a ceasefire.      

The ceasefire is holding but Assad violations are still reported. 

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