Assassinations and forced disappearance reported in Daraa under regime control

Orient Net 2019-10-03 08:31:00

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Daraa and its countryside have witnessed arrests, forced disappearance and assassinations since Assad militias took control of it in August 2018.

An office which documents the martyrs in Daraa says a significant grow in the number of assassination is observed.   

The monitoring group says at least 38 attempted assassinations were conducted which resulted in the killing 21 people and injuring 14. 

Former Free Syrian Army members are targeted after they joining Assad militia’s ranks.

Other attacks were launched on the Assad regime checkpoints while no groups or individuals have claimed responsibility for them.

Assad militiamen have also launched arrest campaigns and stormed civilians’ houses, detaining at least 22 Syrians.

Dozens were forcibly driven to the Assad military service to fight in the campaigns against Syrians in other places of the country.   

Meanwhile the town of Sanamin is still under curfew after the recent clashes that erupted between the Assad militias and the former FSA members where deaths and injuries were reported in both sides.

Daraa is the cradle of the Syrian revolution which started in 2011 after school boy wrote anti-Assad slogans on their school's walls.