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Hong Kong protester shot by police

Orient Net 2019-10-02 06:35:00

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An amateur video of violent demonstrations in Hong Kong on Tuesday captured the moment when a policeman points a pistol at a protester and fired a round, after which the young man falls to the ground. 

Dramatic amateur video captured the moment a Hong Kong police officer opened fire on protester wielding a baton on Tuesday, striking the 18-year-old in the shoulder.

Tuesday's unrest was the first time in months of pro-democracy clashes that a protester has been struck by live ammunition.

Hong Kong Police Commissioner, Stephen Lo, defended his department, saying the firing of live rounds - which were discharged in three places - was lawful and fair.

"There was someone even pointing a hard, pointed object at that police officer. Other police officers tried to save him, but were attacked by bricks and rocks thrown by protesters. The police officer who was on the ground's life was seriously endangered, so he fired one shot at the attacker."

The incident happened as thousands took to the streets as the city seethes on the 70th anniversary of the founding of Communist China.

One person is in hospital in a critical condition, Hong Kong's Hospital Authority said, while at least another 14 have been injured.