Deir ez-Zoor tribal elders reject Russian invitation to discuss anti-Assad protests

Orient Net 2019-09-29 09:37:00

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Tribal elders and Sheiks in Deir ez-Zoor have rejected a Russian invitation to a meeting in the town of al-Salehiya, local sources told Orient News. 

The invitation came after the wave of anti-Assad protests in the half controlled by the Assad regime and its Russians and Iranian militiamen allies. 

The Russian troops have in the Shamiyya half of Deir ez-Zoor a coorindation office to normalize relations with locals. 

The inviation was sent to the towns of Maizlia, al-Izba in Deir ez-Zoor northern countryside. 

Protesters took to the streets last Friday (Sep. 27) in the Assad regime-controlled Deir ez-Zoor countryside, chanting anti-Assad and anti-Iranian backed militias slogans.

The protests erupted  two weeks ago against the Shiite practices and attempts to convert Sunni Syrians in Shiites.

Deir ez-Zoor is divided by the Euphrates into two halves, the Shamiyya, which is controlled by Assad militias, Iranian militias and Russians, while the Jazira part is controlled by the US-led coalition Syrian Democratic Forces.