Pro-Assad tribal leader in Daraa countryside killed

Pro-Assad tribal leader in Daraa countryside killed
A tribal leader was killed on Wednesday (Sep 25) in the town of Meliha Sharkiyya in Daraa countryside, Orient sources knew.

Ghalib Hussein al-Zubi, a staunch supporter of Assad regime, was killed by unidentified armed men and no group claimed responsibility for the operation. 

Syrian activists posted on social media a photo of Bashar Assad and the killed tribal leader after the man was assassinated. 

Earlier this month, a leader in the Assad regime's Baath party in Daraa was shot dead in similar operation.

Assad regime took control of Daraa in the summer of 2018 after "reconciliation leaders" made a deal with the Russian and Assad militiamen, handing over the cradle of the Syrian revolution.   

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