Assad militia detains 30 men in Damascus countryside's al-Zabadani

Orient Net 2019-09-18 07:32:00

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Assad militiamen and intelligence terrorists detained dozens of young men in al-Zabadani on Tuesday (September 17) after seeing anti-Assad slogans written on the walls of a number of neighborhoods in the city.

The Sound of the Capital Facebook page said Assad military security patrols stormed dozens of houses in al-Zabadani, detaining 30 young men after surrounding the city.  

Anti-Assad slogans were seen on the walls of schools and the train stations in the Mahatah and Ein Jaber neighbourhoods. 

Similar graffiti slogans were seen in cities and towns of Damascus western countryside, like Qedsaya, Barza and Mudamiyet al-Sham where opposition Syrians were forced to leave or surrender. 

Al-Zabadani was captured by the terrorist Lebanese group of Hezbollah four years ago. They still control large parts of it while the regime militias show that they are the real rulers of the tourist attraction city.