Sporadic Assad shelling reported in Kafranbel, Hass and Maaret al-Numan

Orient Net 2019-09-15 06:18:00

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Assad militiamen are conducting sporadic shelling on towns and cities of in Idlib, destroying civilian properties and displacing more locals, Orient News correspondent says.

The Assad rockets hit the towns of Haas, Kafranbel, and Maaret al-Numan, according to the Macro Media Centre (MMC) Facebook page which reported the shelling on Saturday (September 14). 

The Assad artillery shelling killed two men on Friday in the city of Maaret al-Numan.

Russia said the Assad militiamen would abide by a "ceasefire" starting from the first of this month. 

Killing civilians has significantly lessened after the first of September following a relentless Assad bombing campaign that killed, injured and displaced hundred of thousands of civilians in Idlib and Hama provinces since the 30th of April.