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Assad regime detains dozens of Daraa sons

Orient Net 2019-09-11 10:27:00

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Assad militiamen are detaining Syrians in the city of Daraa, of those who surrendered to the regime, Orient knew from special sources. 

At least twenty Syrians were detained on Tuesday (Sep 11) after they moved into the city centre. All the detained Syrians were among those who signed on the surrender deal of clearance with the Assad regime. 

The last incident came after two Syrians were detained in The Daraa National Hospital as pro-Assad doctors denounced against them.

Syrian activists in Daraa warned patients against getting into the National Hospital lest they will be detained. 

The last batch of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), who were forced to leave their home towns in Daraa left their city in August 2018.    

The Assad tactic of displacement was practiced in most opposition-held areas recaptured by the regime, including old Homs, eastern Aleppo, eastern Ghouta, western Ghouta and Homs northern countryside.