Syrian opposition fighters foil Russian incursion attempt in Idlib countryside

Orient Net 2019-09-04 07:31:00

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Allied opposition fighters in the National Front for Liberation (NFL) have thwarted Russian incursion attempt in Idlib countryside, killing and injuring Russian mercenaries, the group said on its social media outlets.

NFL fighters thwarted on Wednesday (September 4) Russian incursion attempt at Ejaz battlefront, killing and injuring Russian mercenaries.

The death toll of Russian mercenaries killed in Syria has reached to more than 100 soldiers since its direct military intervention on Sept. 29, 2015 to bolster Assad regime. However, Russian activists confirm that the death toll of the Russian soldiers is much higher.

Meanwhile, Assad artillery shells and rockets targeted several villages and towns within the demilitarized zone (DMZ) of Idlib countryside, including Kafrsajna and Arinba, causing material damage.

On Tuesday, Assad artillery shells and rockets targeted seven villages and towns with more than 80 shells, violating a ceasefire announced by Russia on the 31st of August.

On Sunday, two civilians were killed in al-Tah village after the Assad artillery shells targeted civilian homes.

Assad-Russian warplanes have committed dozens of massacres in Idlib and Hama countryside since they launched their bombing campaign on the 30th of April, largely violating the de-escalation zone deal reached between Russia and Turkey last September.