Protesters in Hong Kong target Airport

Orient Net 2019-09-01 10:30:00

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Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters are gathering at the airport bus station to mount another day of rallies.

Authorities, meanwhile, have closed the express train service to the airport. The train service from the airport, however, remains operational.

As Hong Kong surveyed a night of damage caused by government opponents, officials defended police actions as the city became a smoky battleground, stoked by young people battling for democratic change.

Police answered Molotov cocktails, bonfires, ha hrefed bricks and roadblocks with water cannons, tear gas, beatings and, at one point, live gun fire.

But it was the riot officers’ decision to storm two subway stations and beat passengers that outraged most residents in the city. Videos were shared widely of police in helmets and gas masks lashing pedestrians and riders inside a train in Prince Edward station, and then soaking four cowering people who pleaded and wept.