Assad attacks kill 4 civilians in Idlib, Aleppo countryside

Orient Net 2019-08-30 21:10:00

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Assad and Russian warplanes killed and injured civilians in Idlib and Aleppo countryside on Friday (August 30), Orient News correspondent said.

Two civilians were killed in the town of Jabala in Idlib southern countryside. Rockets fell on the town of Kafranebl, a man was stuck in his car, his body is burnt beyond recognition, Orient News correspondent added.  

Meanwhile, one child was killed in the town of Zerbeh in Aleppo southern countryside.  

Russia claimed that Assad regime would halt all attacks on Idlib starting from Saturday (August 31), after killing, injuring and displacing hundred of thousands of civilians in the once-called Demilitarized Zone reached by Putin and Erdogan on Syria.