Assad-Russian warplanes target Idlib the city

Assad-Russian warplanes target Idlib the city
Assad and Russian warplanes launched multiple airstrikes on the eastern part of Idlib the city, Orient News correspondent Hashem al-Abdullah said on Thursday (August 29).

The city of Maaret al-Numan and Babila, Heish, Deir Sharqi and al-Tah were targetted by the Assad warplanes' machine guns, Macro Media centre said. 

At least 9 civilians were killbed by the bombing campaign in the towns of al-Tah, Maarshamsa, Rafeh and al-Qerati on Thursday.

Earlier on Wednesday at least 18 civilians were killed, including 13 in Maaret al-Numan.

Meanwhile, overnight reports said that Assad militias occupied the town of al-Tamana in Idlib eastern countryside.

Idlib has 3 million Syrians, including those displaced by Assad regime and its allies' occupation of other parts of the country.   


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