Assad militiamen deployed on outskirts of Bukamal

Assad militiamen deployed on outskirts of Bukamal
Assad militiamen, of those who serve in the Fourth Brigade, were recently deployed on the outskirts of the Syrian Bukamal city near the border crossing with Iraq, Orient knew from local sources.

Deir Ez-Zor 24 Page said the new camouflage deployment came after the Iranian militias were recently threatened to be the target of the Israeli strikes. 

The source added the Assad National Defence militiamen were sent to the outskirts of the city to show that the regime controls the city and not the Iranians.    

It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi Foreign Minister recalled the US Deputy Chief of Mission Brian McFeeters in Baghdad last week urging the American side to commit to implementing the articles of the strategic partnership with Iraq in respect with security and economic issues. The Baghdad Shiite paramilitary groups blamed a series of recent blasts at their weapons depots and bases on the United States and Israel.

Israel has always claimed it will prevent the Iranian militias from entrenching in Syria, conducting airstrikes in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.  

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