Idlib bombing continues, Assad regime kills 14 civilians

Assad warplanes killed on Monday (August 26) at least 14 civilians in Idlib towns and villages, Orient News correspondent said.

"Till the moment of writing the report, we have documented 14 deaths by Assad militiamen: 4 in Basqala, 3 in Abdaeita, 3 in Kafr Oweid, 2 in Kafr Sejneh, 1 in Kafranbel, 1 in Maaret Hermeh," Hasem al-Abdullah reporting from Idlib said.  

The bombing campaign continues on Idlib without any international party seriously working of halting the Assad machine of killing, locals continue sending messages of this purport to Orient Net English.

Idlib has lost more than 1000 civilians in the last campaign launched by Assad terrorists backed by Russian air force since April 30. The United Nations says at least 400.000 civilians have been uprooted from their homes since late April. 


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